Boy entering a home
  • Get an alert when the kids arrive home from school – and get a snapshot to see who they are with
  • Know if an elderly loved one got out of bed, or opens a medicine cabinet to take their pills
  • Get a text alert if your sump pump quits working – save your basement!
  • Get notification if an outdoor pet is out of water
  • Automatically turn on lights and a coffee maker when you rise in the morning
  • Remotely unlock a door for guests, or deliveries
  • Set a schedule and automatically power down a TV or game system in a child’s room
  • Watch live video of children or pets while you’re away
  • Save energy by scheduling and controlling your thermostat or shutting power off to “always on” devices when you leave
  • Get alerts if a door/window opens when you’re not home, automatically turn on cameras

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