Things you can do with SmartLink smart devices


Carrier Class Edge Gateway Application

Carrier Class Edge Gateway

The central hub of SmartLink Home Automation system; carrier class control for everything via an Internet connection or smart mobile device.

Door/window sensor icon

Door/Window Sensor

Slim, small sensors don’t distract from your home’s visual appeal; sensitive and reliable contacts avoid false alarms.

Motion detection icon

Motion Detection

Indicates movement in a designated area; you select the type of notification you receive once a sensor is triggered.

Appliance control icon

Appliance Control Outlet

Turn lamp or small appliance on/off manually or automatically based on schedule or when a light flipped or a door is opened; plugs into a standard AC outlet.

Live and Snapshot IP Camera icon

Live and Snapshot IP Camera

High-resolution video cameras; you select the trigger: door lock opening, motion, door/window sensor, or watch live video.

Smart Thermostat icon

Smart Thermostat

Get notified if a temperature is too high/low; automatically changes temperature per your schedule; replaces existing thermostats.

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